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April 07
Quick Tip: Office Lens for Windows Phone

Microsoft recently released a new free Windows Phone App that allows you to easily capture Whiteboards, Documents and Photos called Office Lens. If you aren’t familiar with OneNote it is a killer note taking application that allows you to store notes as loosely or as structured as your organizational style permits. Storing your OneNote Notebooks Online (in SharePoint) in the Cloud (OneDrive) allows you to take notes on whatever device you have handy (iPad, Surface, iPhone, PC or Windows Phone). I, like a lot of people, rely heavily on OneNote for all my meeting notes, thoughts, and ideas. Until the release of Office Lens there really wasn’t an easy way to capture whiteboard images or documents. Since I take a lot of white board pictures on my Lumina 920 I thought I’d take it for a spin and I must say I was impressed. The app cleans up a lot of the typical problems with taking pictures of whiteboards (glare, orientation and overall readability…my messy handwriting aside). Take a look at the results below. You simply open the Office Lens App, set it to ‘Whiteboard mode’ and take a photo. The app does the rest of the work, storing the results in your ‘Unfiled Notes’ tab within OneNote.

There is also a document mode that allows you to take photos of receipts, business cards, etc.

Office Lens is not complex but it is a powerful scanning app with seamless integration with OneNote to that produces some real productivity gains. Learn more about it here.

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