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April 10
Finally, Information Can Find Me!

SharePoint Search in 2013 is feature rich with the ability to focus results by file type, author, or date and even previews documents prior to opening them.  In addition to the robust features native to out of the box SharePoint 2013, Microsoft has further extended Search capabilities with the creation of “CodeName Oslo” and the Office Graph for Office 365. Both were recently featured during the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas with the intent to remove the information silos that exist across SharePoint sites and enable groups to ultimately work better as a unit, finding the information that is most relevant to the user even faster. 

Instead of having to search to locate information, Oslo and Office Graph show you what you need to know today and what information is likely to be important soon.  You will see data trending that is associated with the projects you are working on, the people you are working on those projects with, and the activities of associates that you are connected to.  All of this functionality is accomplished with Office Graph, a component modeled after the Yammer Enterprise Graph; and it gathers data based on who you are connected to within your site, the types of content you upload/consume, and other activity streams across your SharePoint sites.  Office Graph then highlights information that is consistent with your interests or is trending within your network.  The highly interactive, tile friendly interface makes it easier for the content you need on a daily basis to find you, instead of you having to search for it. 

Overall, the functionality of Oslo and Office Graph should increase productivity and collaboration within SharePoint, and are exciting new features from Microsoft for Office 365.

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