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May 28
Protiviti’s IT Priorities Survey: User Adoption, an Afterthought

Recently, Protiviti released the results of its annual IT Priorities Survey; the findings while not necessarily surprising give significant insight into the way CIOs are thinking about data, content, training, user adoption, and SharePoint.

Priorities fall into five major categories[1]:

·         Enhancing and Protecting Business Value

·         Security

·         Management and Classification of Data

·         Strengthening IT Assets

·         Mobile and Social Management

We don’t need to discuss the many ways SharePoint can address all of these IT priorities and challenges. Bottom line – if implemented strategically and correctly – business value, security, data management and social interaction will be secured.

What I found more striking amid the data were the strength of certain priorities and their relationship to other top priorities. Application management – particularly SharePoint, risk management and security – were highlighted as significant priorities. Makes sense – manage your application development in such a way that you mitigate risks and keep security at the forefront – you’ll ultimately have a successful deployment. This, in and of itself, isn’t the issue. We want successful, secure, low-risk deployments.

The issue comes later in the priorities survey – page 21, to be exact – one of the lower rated priorities in the entire survey End User Adoption of Data Tools ranked as a moderate priority. Surely, there were lower priorities that didn’t make it into this report, but I found it curious that technology executives are placing significant value on well-deployed technologies – but less value on users adopting these well-deployed technologies. How can we successfully build business value if our business users aren’t adopting the technology? Furthermore, how would we truly be low-risk and secure if our users aren’t adopting our low-risk and secure applications?

It begs the question – what other applications are our end users using instead to ‘add business value’ or ‘increase social and mobile engagement?’

Our priorities should shift toward creating user-centric solutions – including SharePoint implementations – that not only address our critical security and data concerns, but also solve critical business problems adding business value and incentives for user adoption. Without effective user adoption we’re deploying and managing solutions that no one is actually using; placing our data and content at significant risk.

[1] Protiviti. “Today’s IT Organization – Delivering Security, Value and performance Amid Major Transformation: Assessing the Results of Protiviti’s 2014 IT Priorities Survey.”

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