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June 06
List Make-Over: Form-Like Data Entry In Six Steps

Have you ever wanted to create a more efficient solution for your user community to enter content into a list? Forms built using InfoPath, SharePoint Designer or other solutions take an investment of time and financial resources.  With one simple tip – you can make-over your SharePoint lists to present as forms. Let’s get started!

First, The “As Is” Situation:

All SharePoint lists have the standard All Items rendering. When you select a list such as an “Announcements” list, you will see the following option to enter data – “Add New Announcement.”

With this presentation, your URL should look something like this – note the presence of AllItems.aspx

Next, The Simple Solution:


With just a few steps – you can transform your list into a form. Here we go!


1.       First, visit the list you want to open as a new form.

2.       In this example, we are at the communications site announcements list. (Communications Department, Site Contents, Announcements). The list opens in this manner – ready to add a new announcement, but you need to select “Add New Announcement.”


3.       To get the list to open as a form, visit the URL (in the “as is” state). Right now you don’t see “New Form.aspx” as part of the URL.

4.       Manually edit the URL to include “NewForm.aspx” on the end of the URL.

Right now the tail of the URL is “AllItems.aspx.”


5.       Update it to “NewForm.aspx” (no spaces) and refresh your page:

With your refreshed page, announcements now appears this way – in “form” format:


You’ve only manually changed the path in your browser, not made any changes to the site. If you select cancel, the view will go back to the default AllItems.aspx view.

6.       Copy and paste the new path (including NewForm.aspx) into any link that you would like to create an avenue for your audience to go directly to a form. Save your work.

Try It Out:

In the example above, where you have added a direct link to the form, your new link displays in your department home page Link list:

Select the link and it will take you to the list in “form” format.

This technique works with any type of list that you would like to display as a form.  Good luck!

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