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January 21
Project Management Principals – Punctuality, Persistence and Positivity

There are many approaches to project management that will result in the same end goal, a fully functioning solution and a happy client.  Often times, however, even the most experienced project managers will struggle to maintain consistent footing when the project runs into rocky patches.  I have learned that in order to stay the course and continually deliver solutions on time, in scope and within budget one must elicit these key principals: Punctuality, Persistence and Positivity.  Alliteration at its finest, these three attributes will help you deliver consistent results that keep the client happy.


As we’ve heard time and time again, early bird gets the worm.  And they really do.  Whether it’s consistently showing up on time to meetings or completing a deliverable by the due date, it is critical to be punctual with your client.  Punctuality shows the client that you are professional and capable of delivering the project you are working on. This idea also applies to the members on your team.  Don’t use the excuse that since it’s an internal meeting you can be a few minutes late.  Everyone’s time is very valuable and being punctual will show others that you recognize that fact.


Persistence can sometimes border on pushy, especially when it’s with your team members and you’re following up yet again on the status of the overdue deliverable.  However, this behavior is critical for a project manager and it most definitely does not make you a pushy project manager.  Whether it’s via email, the phone or walking over to a desk asking constantly questions to your clients or team members is the only way to fully understand the project status.  Maintaining a clear line of communication with your clients and team members will allow you to become a trusted advisor and help you relay important project information accurately and quickly. 


Don’t worry, be happy.  While this idea is much easier said than done, clients always appreciate working with someone that is friendly and welcoming.  On days that everything seems to be going wrong your ability to put aside the negativity you are feeling while working with your clients will truly make a huge impact.  The same goes for the team members you’re working with.  If you maintain a positive aura people will naturally be more willing to open up to you.  Creating a positive work environment where issues are identified and discussed will almost always ensure project success. 

While these elements were described in the context of project management they can most certainly be applied to any role that you have on a project.  Whether you’re a project manager or a developer, applying these principals to your day-to-day work will ensure you continue to deliver exceptional products time after time. 


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About Claire Cupps: Claire lives and breathes project management and has a dream that someday all projects would be under-budget, ahead of schedule and over delivered.  When she’s not busy dreaming she helps clients improve communication, processes and collaboration through SharePoint.


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