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February 06
SharePoint Online Public Website Feature: First third-party partners announced

It’s official! Microsoft announced its first two third-party partners to support the use of SharePoint Online for Internet sites. The new partners are: and

Now, Office 365 customers will have access to tools and services for building and managing an online presence. These offerings will be available to all Office 365 customers and are designed specifically to improve the experience for small and medium-sized businesses who need either a basic online presence or a complete web experience.

Links will be made available within Office 365 to access third-party solutions. These links will direct Office 365 customers to external managed websites and processes for accessing, managing, and setting up a public website. For all the relevant details and story to date, visit the Knowledge Base​.

About Nora Ten Broeck, PMP, MOS: SharePoint 2013: Nora is a SharePoint enthusiast with interests in engagement management, improved business processes and Nintex. Follow her @NoraTenBroeck 

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