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February 13
Improve Productivity with Microsoft Delve


I cannot get enough of it – I’m simultaneously jealous, because my mind will never architect such a thing of beauty, and elated because it truly puts users at the center of their own universe. As an experience architect I’m constantly singing the timeless (but not tired) Users First, refrain – and I’m not overselling it here when I say that – Users are finally first in Office 365s Delve.

For those of you not already familiar with Microsoft’s latest innovation and addition to its Office 365 universe you can get caught up here, and here, and here. In a nutshell, Delve, based on Microsoft’s Office Graph technology, uses ‘signals’ (insert Big Brother jokes here) to analyze your activity, interactions and associations in Office 365. It then serves relevant and timely information to you from your homepage.


As Delve progresses along its ambitious roadmap it will become the personalized collaboration hub most of us dreamed SharePoint would become for our organizations.

A few high-level favorites from the User Experience perspective:

Boards (this is a new feature just released in January)

      ·         Why I Love Them: Intuitive metadata. (Please tell me I just coined a new buzz phrase in the SharePoint marketplace #intuitivemetadata – if you didn’t think I was a geek before …). Boards combine folders (every SharePoint admins sworn enemy) with tags. It’s simple – documents can be pinned to more than one board, but the boards are controlled by the user. It’s like putting the same document in several different personal. This feature takes Tags and Notes feature in SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 -- that I’m pretty sure no one ever used – and making it visually appealing and logical to the user.

      ·         Business Value: Organization amid “chaos.” Users who enjoy the control they have when creating a new folder structure won’t be completely distressed when dynamically generated content is constantly pushed their direction.

Security Warnings

      ·         Why I Love Them: Don’t laugh – how can anyone love security warnings, right? From a user adoption perspective, though, they are an absolute must in an environment such as this one. Users won’t use Delve if they think their personal documents and intellectual property are at stake. These warnings are clear and direct users to simple content which explains Delves security features.

      ·         Business Value: Security is always an adoption hurdle. Hopefully transparency helps us jump over this hurdle more quickly than in past iterations of ‘collaborative tools.’

My Work

      ·         Why I Love It: My Surface just doesn’t understand that it’s likely I want to see a document on which I’ve worked recently at the top of my OneDrive folder structure. Nor does it understand that any documents related to the document in question might be useful to have easily accessible, too. Sure, I can organize things by modified date (or just leave things open on my computer, as I’m prone to do), but My Work serves your relevant work to you, regardless of its location in a SharePoint site or OneDrive as a quick snapshot. It’s an aggregate of all your latest work at your fingertips.

      ·         Business Value: No more hunting and pecking in your SharePoint sites and your personal folders for files that you know you had at one moment in time …

See what I mean? When you’re searching for ways to improve productivity and get the most out of your work day, Delve is just a tinsy bit exciting. Getting a little bit obsessed? There’s so much more. Check out our Delve 101 Webinar on Feb. 26.


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