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August 18
Intro to Digital Marketing and Sitecore XP 8 Part II: Taxonomies & Campaigns

​Used to identify campaigns, referring channels and other information about your marketing activities. Sitecore XP includes channel, campaign, and asset taxonomies.

Taxonomies are an important part of content management. We apply tags to pieces of content in order to be able to combine the content later in lists or components that highlight relevant related content. The taxonomies folder in the Sitecore Marketing Control Panel allows us to define tags to be applied to channels, campaigns, and assets. 

The Sitecore documentation site defines these special taxonomy items as marketing taxonomies (see In this blog we will expand on it and present an example of how to actually use it.

When you create a campaign in Sitecore you can categorize that campaign by applying taxonomy tags. By default, Sitecore comes with the following taxonomy groups:


Inside of each group you can define custom taxonomy items to provide further categorization on the reports showing the results of your campaigns.

For example, under Campaign Facet 1 we have defined the custom taxonomy to separate campaigns:
Another facet could be used to define the scope for the target audience of our campaigns:
This example assumes an association company with two types of members: basic members and premium members. 

Using the facets above and the Campaign Creator module available with Sitecore 8 you can filter campaigns and quickly access the analytics reports related to them.

The Campaign Creator module provides a simple interface to facilitate the management of multiple campaigns in Sitecore. You can read more about this module at:
Once you have it installed you can the filter your campaigns using the taxonomy you have defined for your campaign facets.
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