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October 26
Client Story: Using Business Connectivity Services to Configure Search

Protiviti On Demand Client Stories are samples of real client problems, solutions and results.  We’ve compiled these stories in an effort to inspire other organizations to seek timely solutions to their Enterprise Content Management challenges.  Read up on other client stories here.   

About the Client: This particular client is in the Financial Services industry, headquartered in Virginia.

Platform: SharePoint 2013 

Problem: The client wanted to expose CRM data in their SharePoint search to combine the results along with documents.

Solution: Our team used Business Data Connectivity Services (BCS) to connect an external content type to CRM. We configured search to crawl this data and display with refiners in the search results to narrow the results by a variety of financial factors.

Result: The page gives the bankers a quick way to filter down a large set of data to the few items that are relevant to their research.

Client Feedback: The client was beyond satisfied at the succesful implementation of the solution.  

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