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December 11
Simplified RSS XSL for SharePoint RSS Viewer

​Download the XSL


I've worked with numerous clients that have requested an RSS feed on their SharePoint site. If you've ever used the RSS Viewer Web Part that SharePoint has to offer then you understand my frustrations with how the XML is formatted.

The output has this weird functionality where only the titles show and instead of linking to the actual articles, which 99% of the time I need, they open and close that item and show a description that has a link to go to the article inside, instead.

I took the XSL from the XSL Editor in the web part properties and made some major edits to it. I stripped out everything that isn't needed. To use this, just simply take the above XSL text file and copy its entire contents and replace the XSL in the XSL Viewer web part properties under XSL Editor...and now it should render something like so (with a little bit of styling of course).


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