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May 16
Quick Tip: Mapping Managed Properties to Crawled Properties

So you’re using a Content Search Web Part but for some reason, that site column you created isn’t being crawled and you don’t have access to Central Administration to change the default settings. You need to map the property to create a valid query and have the proper results appear.

To map a managed property, go to the Search Schema within the Site Settings and select the property that you want to MAP TO. For example, if I was mapping a managed metadata site column, I would map this to a RefinableString (make sure that the string does not already have a mapping – you can see if there is something mapped to it by checking the mapped crawled properties column)

Please note that with managed metadata site columns, you will want to map the column that is listed as “ows_XXXXXX”. If mapped to the ows_taxId_XXXXX then the information will display as a GUID instead of the text.

Once the column is mapped, you will be able to use it in a query or in the Property Mappings within your Content Search Web Part display template. You can also use it as a refiner for a search refinement panel.

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