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May 20
Nintex 365: Properly Display Choice Field in Email


You have a Choice field set up as follows:

You want to display this in an email and you choose the field.  Unfortunately, it looks like the following when the email is sent:


The question is how to show just the choices comma delimited.   On top of this we are going to display the choices WITHOUT a loop.  Also, we will creatively utilize the regular expression action.


1. Assign the current record ID to a workflow variable.  In my case, I used varID.

2. Configure Query List Action

The Query List pulls all the records in the table but I just wanted the record for the current row.  Using the varID from step one I retrieved this.


The second part of the query list configuration is selecting only the column you would like and assigning it to a collection variable.


Here is what the collection variable looks like:

3. Create another workflow variable that is of type TEXT and assign set it to the collection.
4. Utilize the Regular Expression action and configure as such:

What we are doing is a replace on the quotes and putting the result into another variable of TEXT type called varStatesReplaced.  Notice that we can leave replacement string blank – fantastic!

We create two more regular expression actions, one for beginning brackets [[[] and one for the ending brackets []]].

5. We add one last Regular expression and it configure it as follows:

In this case we output the Split to a new collection variable.  This is so we can get our count.

6. Add the Count Items in Collection and configure it to count the collection from Step 5.

7. Create a send email item and utilize the fields that you manipulated in the regular expressions. The resulting output will be as follows:

No loops and this was done in 9 steps.

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