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May 25
Creating a Master in Axure RP

​When using the prototyping program Axure, there are plenty of shortcuts that a user can utilize to create wireframes that are functional in an efficient manner.

Axure is a great wireframing tool but can be used for site maps, flow charts, user stories, and much more. Its ability to adapt to the users’ needs is the reason why the program has become so popular. For the purpose of this article, we will be talking about Axure from a wireframe perspective.

When creating wireframes, there are often pieces that get used over and over again such as headers, footers, lorem ipsum text, and images. Axure has a great way of helping the user out by giving them the ability to create “masters.” Masters are widgets that can be reused as many times as necessary with the file. The great thing about masters is that when a user updates a master, wherever the master is being used is also updated. For example, a master is created for a header with a logo, some utility links, and a search bar. Then the user creates 10 wireframes using the master header in all of those pages. Suddenly, the logo needs to be changed. Instead of having to change the logo on 10 different pages, it can be changed in the master, then will automatically update on all the pages that the header master is used on. This can save a lot of time, especially if the elements may change a lot.

To create a master, follow these steps:

1. Add a blank page

2. Add all of the elements that your master will need.

3. Add interactions as needed (for example, on navigation you may want to show hover states)

4. Select all the elements on the page (CTRL + A) and right click and say “Convert to Master” 

5. Name your master, select the drop behavior, and say ok when prompted.

6. See that your widget has been turned into a master in the bottom left tool pane (masters)

You can have as few or as many masters as needed, but they are only valid in the file in which they are created.

It is possible to copy the master by just selecting all of the elements then pasting them into a new axure file, then repeating steps 4 – 6 if the master needs to be used in another file.

Masters are just one way that Axure saves time when creating wireframes.

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