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November 02
Case Study: Automated Email Notification Solution for Spending Requests

Recently, a private investment firm presented us with a basic request – Lightly customize an out-of-the-box (OOTB) List form and power it with a workflow that will route special pricing requests to the appropriate teams via email.  After turning around a quick prototype that showcased the capabilities of what minimal customization looks like using SharePoint Designer customizations, the customer verified that the requested functionality was achieved, however was unhappy with the presentation.  Probing deeper Protiviti discovered that the client was intending to present this solution to their customers and use it much like an interactive survey. 

The Protiviti on Demand Services (PODS) team went back to the drawing board and designed an interactive survey with step-wise, animated transitions and paged navigation, complete with dynamic field validation and custom attachment upload features.  The new survey is visually appealing and simplifies the information gathering experience considerably.

Once the new design and functionality was approved, Protiviti put together a team of “blind” testers to fill out the form and note their experiences along the way.  Executing over 200 passes in less than 2 days, we were able to further refine the functionality and reliability of the solution.  Using Microsoft’s new Office UI design framework saved considerable development time and allowed us to present a responsive solution that was both desktop and mobile friendly.  Furthermore, by using simple HTML, JavaScript, and CSS development architecture, we were able to keep a very light footprint which alleviated maintenance concerns for the client down the road.

The client was delighted to have a professional look and feel for their solution, and even rolled up their sleeves to learn a little SP Designer workflow to put their personal stamp on the system-generated email messages.

For more information on how relatively small design changes can have a BIG impact on your SharePoint work sites, please contact us at

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