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April 16
Tips & Tricks: Opening PDF's in a Browser

​Have you ever tried to open a PDF in a SharePoint site and you are presented with a box that asks you if you want to open as “Read Only” or “Check Out and Edit”?  In some scenarios the option is even more limited when the only option is to save the item locally and then open it.  Out of the Box when you install SharePoint this is the way the user experience is configured.  This is a configuration that is set at the web application level.    To modify this behavior you can open central administration and go to the web application general settings area and change the setting under browser file handling to “permissive”.  This is a very small detail that can enhance the user experience.  It is intuitive to click through the prompts, but the experience is much more smooth when the document immediately opens.  While we are discussing PDF’s it is also a good time to mention the PDF iFilter.  Installing this on your SharePoint server will present the PDF icon to visual identify them and enhance the search experience for users. 




-Terry Simpson | Solution Architect, SusQtech

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