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March 02
Top 5 Things to Remember when using a Content Type Hub

The Content Type Hub is a great way to keep all of your Content Types in sync across your environment; this includes the Names, Columns, and the GUIDs, which makes search that much more powerful within your organization. Since Microsoft is moving to using site collections for Modern Sites a Content Type Hub is almost necessary to get the most out Office 365 and SharePoint implementations. As the Content Type Hub will play an important role in the future of SharePoint I wanted to mention the top 5 things to keep in mind while using the Content Type Hub.

1.    Remember to Publishing and Re-Publish your Content Types after making changes
The most common mistake I see is people forget to publish their Content Types and end up wondering why their updates are not reflected in other Sites. So whenever you make an update take that extra step to publish down your changes.

2.    Unpublishing a Content Type will not remove the content type from a Site Collection
Unfortunately, there is no “Undo” button after a Content Type has been published. If you truly need to remove a Content Type, you will have to go from Site Collection to Site Collection to remove it. Unpublishing will just prevent it from being downloaded by the Web Apps/Site Collections in the future. One of the key mistakes I see here is a Content Type will be published and then a user realizes that the wrong parent was chosen; users will then unpublished and delete this Content Type and create a new one of the same name, which of course will cause an issue when the Content Type is published. When planning on using the Content Type Hub be sure to properly plan your Information Architecture to avoid such conflicts.

3.    Don’t create a Site Content Type with a Name already in use by the Content Type Hub (and vice versa)
Sometimes you have to use a Site Content Type, or maybe one already exists due to some legacy data. Just remember to keep the names unique otherwise there will be an issue publishing the Content Type.

4.    View the content type publishing error log
I feel that while this may be self-explanatory many people forget that the error log exists when troubleshooting any issues with the Content Type Hub. Navigate to Site Settings, then select Content Type Publishing under the Site Collection Administration heading. 

5.    If you are maintaining multiple environments, such as a Development, QA, and Production, be sure to keep them all sync.
This can be done via a content database back-up and restore or a shared service application. In either scenario, be sure that the Content Type Hub URI is set correctly. 

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