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May 15
SharePoint and Apple, Living in Harmony? SharePlus App Rises to the Top in our iPad App Tests

​Over the past months, an overwhelming number of “SharePoint for iPad” apps have surfaced. Before we knew it, our clients were asking us to include recommendations on mobile access to their intranets, and we needed to give these apps a test run. I used QuickOffice HDPro as my office app for editing documents, which is the editing suite of choice for most apps out there.

Like other software selection, the best app depends on what your exact requirements are. If you simply want your users to mirror content on their iPads and browse it while they are offline, players like Colligo Briefcase and Aircreek Filamente will fill that need. In reviewing those tools, they meet basic offline browsing requirements, favorites, and emailing links from SharePoint very well.

But let’s take it one step further – how about when you really need to check out a document, make changes and check it back in? Only one elegantly handled this very real user scenario, and it was the full version of SharePlus Pro from Infragistics. From their app, I can:

Browse to a document, edit the properties, and then check the document out.


By tapping to open, I can then “Edit in QuickOffice HD Pro” and make changes as needed. And here’s the best part – once I’m done editing the document, I can click “SAVE BACK” from inside of QuickOffice – none of the other apps offered this integrated feature.

This saves the changes, then gives you the option to open the properties back up in SharePlus, where you can commit the changes and check the doc back in.


A few more clicks than a desktop experience, but the SharePlus/QuickOffice handoffs are easy and the SharePlus interface guides you through the process. If you want to experience the full power of SharePoint on the iPad, definitely give SharePlus a look for this critical SharePoint functionality. This key feature won me over for sure! Learn more about SharePlus.


-Julie Muccillo, Solutions Architect


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