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September 26
2 Free SharePoint Goodies

One of the things I have always liked about SharePoint dating back to WSS 2.0 was there was always free add-ons and widgets and things to try to keep from having to do write things from scratch. A couple of folks here at SusQtech have put together some SharePoint freebies that will hopefully help some folks out. If you download and use them let us know what you think, how we can improve them etc..

Free SharePoint Theme: The Medazio 2010 site theme from our own Kyle Schaeffer is very clean looking Theme for use on a SharePoint Publishing site. Kyle is a great designer and UX developer and even went so far as to create a time lapse video of him creating this theme from idea to implementation in 5 minutes (see link below). 

Sharepoint Design in 5 Minutes from Kyle Schaeffer on Vimeo.

The Medazio theme can be downloaded at .

Our second freebie is the tool we used to create that nifty URL up there. The tool is called SP URL Manager Express and allows you to create an manage vanity URLs in SharePoint. Here's how we made the link above.

  1. After uploading/creating the file you can access the URL manager in the SharePoint 2010 ribbon under a new tab title SusQtech SPCMS 'eMarketing'.
  2. Clicking the 'Manage All URLs' displays a list of the sites vanity URLs.
  3. Simply enter the vanity URL in the 'short URL' field and click 'Save'.
  4. Now any time someone enters the URL they get the file for download. This comes in handy for shortening SharePoint URLs for emails, Google AdWords, and other types of marketing and promotion.


Download the FREE SP URL Manager Express Version here

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