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January 11
Utilizing SharePoint Workflows for Business Processes

​Workflows are typically described as a series of steps to achieve a final outcome. When we think of workflow related to SharePoint, we focus more on the automation and efficiencies gained in a structured process.  SharePoint workflows allow us to set up processes that make common business processes more efficient and can reduce the time, effort and cost involved in executing those processes. Business processes such as vacation requests, expense reimbursements, employee onboarding, contract approvals, document management and email notifications are a just a few common SharePoint workflows that organizations are utilizing to ease everyday tasks. 

Executing these workflows allows the end user to gain a tremendous amount of value out of the investment that the organization has put into the SharePoint platform. Additionally, this is a great way to involve end users in the business processes while increasing user adoption as the platform becomes an integral part of the users everyday work experience.

SharePoint provides very robust workflow capabilities as a part of the application. Building those workflows can be very easy with out of the box configuration and can become more complex as you dive into SharePoint Designer and possibly Visual Studio to execute them. Many third party workflow tools like Nintex are now available to make building workflows extremely intuitive and easy to build with little technical competency. 

Workflow Screen Shot.jpg

Common Workflow Uses

  • Vacation Requests & Approval
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Expense Reimbursements
  • Document Management
  • Document Approval
  • Email Notifications
  • Contract Approval

SharePoint Workflow Benefits

  • Reduces Time of Approval Processes
  • Increases User Adoption
  • Easy to Create and Implement
  • Supports a Large Volume of Submissions
  • Ability to See All Workflows in Progress
  • Increases Efficiency of Structured Processes
  • Enforces Standards
  • Integrates with Applications Outside of SharePoint

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