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April 09
Innovative Uses for SharePoint 2010
Employee Onboarding

SharePoint 2010 can help simplify employee onboarding processes.  Using a SharePoint workflow, you can create a checklist-type process where different departments (Human Resources, IT, Accounting, etc.) get notifications for their assigned task.  These tasks could include activating an employee’s company email address, creating an active directory account or assigning the employee with a company laptop.

For more complex workflows, it is suggested to use a Nintex Workflow.  For example, one organization has perfected their employee onboarding process using Nintex and CoSign Digital Signatures.  When a new employee joins, forms are sent to them automatically according to their status, position and office location.  These forms include specific benefits, local gym memberships and parking information.  When the forms are completed, their manager is notified and the forms are signed digitally.

Vacation Requests and Weekly Calendars

SharePoint 2010 also allows organizations to streamline their vacation request process and communicate their weekly calendars internally.  One organization’s vacation request process allows employees to enter their dates of vacation requested and SharePoint automatically calculates the work hours that will be taken off and adjusts to the corporate holiday schedule. The manager is then able to approve the vacation request and HR is able to track each employee’s remaining hours.

Communicating weekly calendars in SharePoint 2010 is very efficient.  For example, one organization uses the feature for a “Consultant Calendar” in order to schedule consultant’s time.  Every Monday, the weekly Consultant Calendar is sent out to communicate the location and times of consultant meetings.  And, if there is a change or update, it automatically sends an alert to communicate the change.

Lunch Orders & Food Trucks

Even ordering lunch and tracking food trucks can be simplified in SharePoint 2010!  One organization tracks employee balances, attaches lunch menus and notifies employees of their remaining lunch balances.  When an employee selects what they would like for lunch, it automatically deducts from their current balance.

Another organization has a Food Truck Tracker on their intranet.  The webpart uses web services to identify local food trucks in the Washington, DC area. This just shows that SharePoint 2010 can improve any Human Resources process and even satisfy your hunger!

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