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July 24
4 Creative Ways To Spice Up Your Social Intranet Content

Generating interest in your social intranet can be daunting, but you strive to provide employees with a thriving community. One where they feel comfortable posting, engaging with posts, collaborating, and perhaps most important: feeling like they are gaining actual business value. 

The hard part of building a vibrant community is getting people to care. And why should they? We all have jam packed schedules, conference calls, presentations, and a laundry list of other tasks that dictate so much of our time. 

So here's the big question. 

What compelling reason(s) are you offering your users to warrant allotting precious minutes of their day to your intranet community?

Whether your enterprise platform is a thriving metropolis of wonderful content, collaboration, and activity...or a barren wasteland of stale interactions, it's time to get creative and spice up your content strategy. 

Here are 4 creative considerations to make your intranet more valuable for employees. 

1. Leverage C-Suite employees:

These employees are the heartbeat of your company, and should at the very least have a pulse on your intranet. They can provide valuable thought leadership through blogs, videos, live chats, and interactive Q&A sessions. Sure they have hectic schedules, but there is always an hour here or there on the plane to catch up and chime in on the latest conversation, answer questions, and be an active community member. An active C-Suite presence can greatly improve community activity, especially among younger employees.

2. Google Hangout Seminars:

Enterprise social networks like Yammer allow the ability to embed video directly into the newsfeed. Leverage this functionality to promote learning. Invite featured industry experts to give exclusive video conferences to your community. Using Google Hangouts allows users to actively ask questions and participate in the event. 

3. Contests, contests, contests:

Regardless of if you are building a content calendar for an enterprise social network, or an external network such as Facebook or Twitter, contests are king. Users love to win free stuff and there are infographics for days to back it up. Make sure the rewards are enticing and also promote activity within the community. People love prizes like extra vacation days, tickets to the ballgame, or product giveaways. Make these contests fun. Make them worth participating in. 

4. Gamify:

Along the same lines as contests, gaming your social intranet is a fun way to promote conversation. Reward top posters, commenters, helpful community members and a variety of other made up achievements with fun badges and elite status. This doesn't need to be expensive or intricate. But it does need to feel fun and genuine for users to rally behind the concept. 

Filling a content calendar with creative content like the examples listed takes time. Don't try to do it all at once. Add one at a time. If it strikes a chord within the community, continue to build it. If the content you try is a dud, move on and try again. As long as you make every single piece of content matter and valuable to your community, the conversation will follow.      ​

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