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July 29
Making Your Enterprise Social Network Matter

​Making your enterprise social network (ESN) matter means connecting it to existing business process. 

Maybe that means turning your marathon group email thread discussing project status updates into an actual group on Yammer. Or maybe it's sharing documents with a group so that members can edit and update in real time while using a built in chat feature to discuss changes at the same time. 

Social business means improving process by streamlining existing process. Finding ways to utilize your ESN in ways that allow users to more easily collaborate, communicate, share information and ideas, and make workflow faster and more efficient overall are directly tied to how successful your network will be. 

It's not all about gimmicks either. Often you'll see a community filled with "forced activity". Sure, it's nice to incentivize engagement from time to time. I could preach for days about the importance of offering up a free vacation day, or a gift card in return for X. But your community must be more complex than that. 

It is essential for your ESN to provide actually business value to your company. Users need to be educated enough to understand the power of streamlined process made possible through ESN, and bosses need to see the results of it. 

What are the action items here? 

  1. 1. Make a list of how your company can use your ESN to improve some clunky existing processes within your organization.
  2. 2. Start drafting a content calendar to layer content to stimulate the community

These 2 steps are critical to making your ESN matter. 

Take the time to get these thoughts on paper. There are no rules until you write them down.

I'll end where I started. Making your enterprise social network matter means connecting it to existing business process. Figuring out what that means for your organization is the first step to making your social network matter.​

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