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August 20
SharePoint 2013 social vs Yammer

Here's a theory: If Microsoft had acquired Yammer earlier into development of SharePoint 2013, the Yammer vs Sharepoint 2013 social debate might not exist. The last thing Microsoft needs is SharePoint users debating over which of its products to use. Microsoft product managers have been very vocal that Yammer is the future of enterprise social for the company. "Yammer provides a universal conversation layer. You'll start to see this in SharePoint. You'll also start to see SharePoint objects, people and documents in Yammer, too,"

According to Microsoft, the longterm vision behind the Yammer acquisition is much more elegant than simply bolstering the social features within SharePoint. The company plans to use Yammer as a social foundation across an entire suite of powerful tools, possibly similar to how Google Docs works, though Microsoft has not yet disclosed much detail. 

The bottom line is that Microsoft is serious about Yammer. They believe in the platform and technology it's built on. 

If you don't run SharePoint on premise, choosing to integrate Yammer into your overall enterprise strategy makes a lot of sense. It's here to stay, and it adds plenty of value.​

If you run SharePoint on premise, you have some additional considerations to make, but that's the subject of another blog.

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