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June 11
Copy it! Quick & Easy Custom Permissions

As the needs of your SharePoint user community expand, site administrators will experience requests for permissions that fall outside of the norm of site visitors, members and owner roles. Using the simple “Copy Permission” function you can quickly and easily create the permission set to support your users.


It’s quick!

Start by visiting site settings at your top level site.


From the site permissions tab, select permission levels.

The current permission levels are displayed. Browse for the permission level most closely aligned to what you need to create.


For this example, I’d like to create a Contributor permission level without the ability for the contributor to delete. To begin, select the contributor role to view the permissions within it.

Once you are within contributor permission scroll all the way to the bottom of the page until you find “Copy Permission Level” and select it. No fear! You haven’t made any changes to your original contributor permissions, you’ve only copied them to create a new permission level.

It’s easy!

After you’ve selected Copy Permission Level you will be directed to establish your new permission. Go ahead and give it a name and description. In this example the permission level is Contribute (no delete).

The base permissions are identified by the checkboxes below. If it is checked – it is currently in use. Simply uncheck the permissions not necessary for the Contribute (no delete) permission level.


Here is what the Contibute (no delete) looks like after the delete permissions were removed.

For the big finish, scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Create.”


Once you have selected Create, the new permission appears as one that is ready to be applied. Quick and easy – now you try it!

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