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March 02
OneDrive for Business 101

​What is OneDrive for Business?

OneDrive is a tool for managing and sharing documents across devices. It operates much like a file share system with many more benefits. OneDrive is one of many tools available to you through Office 365.
When a document is added to OneDrive the document is stored in the Office 365 cloud, making it available almost anywhere.  When you edit the document the changes are automatically stored in the cloud. You control access to your documents, you can share your documents with people inside and outside of your organization.
•  Quick storing and accessing of documents across all your devices.
•  Cloud storage and offline capabilities make your documents available anywhere!
•  Share documents with only the users you select by sending them a link.
•  Use apps for your Android or iPhone to access your OneDrive.

OneDrive for Business Basics
1. To access OneDrive go to your company’s Office 365 portal and log in using your Office 365 credentials. 

Helpful Hint: You can access Office 365 from any computer with an internet connection.  Go to: and provide your work Email Address and Password to connect to OneDrive.

2.  Adding Files to your OneDrive is easy! Simply select the files you want to add and “drag and drop” them into the desired folder.
3.  Quickly Share files and manage access with both internal and external users:

OneDrive Home Page Overview

The following areas will help you use and navigate your OneDrive:
1.  New – Add Office Documents to your OneDrive, depending on your licensing certain applications may not be available. Use Folders to organize your folders and separate who you share them with.
2.  Upload – Add documents you select from your file share or local drives.
3.  Flow – Create simple workflows to send notifications, synchronize files and much more!
4.  Sync – synchronize your files between your local computer and the cloud  

5.  Files – Select files for actions in the ribbon. Use the other attributes such as Name, Modified By and File Size to find specific documents.
6.  Search – Search your documents for key words and other attributes.
7.  Quicklaunch -
  Files – Sort through your files in OneDrive.
  Recent – Look at the most recent documents you
  Shared with me – look at documents other users of OneDrive have shared with 

  Recycle Bin – Recover files you have deleted for up to 93 days after they have been deleted.
  Office 365 Groups – View existing or create a new Office 365 Group.

Quick Launch

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