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March 16
OneNote for Business 101

What is OneNote for Business

OneNote is a digital notebook that exists in the Office 365 cloud. Take all of your plans, notes and ideas with you wherever you go. You can share your notes with colleagues to make sure everyone is on the same page. Using apps in both the Android and iPhone marketplaces you can access your notes while on the go!

Mimicking the way you are already used to taking notes, OneNote allows you to be creative with how you take notes.  Touch screen devices allow you to move content around with the touch of a finger.


  • Access your notes from any device. Changes and updates are automatically saved to your local device and synched to the cloud so you never lose your content.
  • Use tagging capabilities to make important notes stand out.
  • Rich text formatting allows you to be creative about how you organize your notes. Adding tables and linking concepts together is easy.

OneNote Basics

  1. Install OneNote, and other office applications, by accessing your Office 365 portal and log in using your Office 365 credentials.

  2. Adding notes on OneNote is easy! Simply create a Section and Add a Page to get started. Add a title to help find your page later.

  3. Quickly Share your notes with others you are working with by putting it on SharePoint or OneDrive. In fact, many SharePoint sites already come with a group NoteBook that you can connect to from the OneNote Application.

OneNote User Interface Overview

The following areas will help you use and navigate your OneNote:

  1. The Ribbon – This is the same ribbon you see in all Microsoft applications. Each tab in the ribbon allows you to interact with content in a different way.
  2. File – Access the file properties, save, share, print etc.
  3. Notebooks – Select the specific Notebook you want to work in from the list of Notebooks you have on your local device as well as in the cloud.
  4. Sections – Organize your notes into different sections. Each tab represents a new section.
  5. Add a new section – Add a new section to the current Notebook.
  6. Search – Search your Notebooks for key words and other attributes.
  7. Page Title – Title of this page within the current Section in the currently selected Notebook.
  8. Add page – Add a new page to this Section of the Notebook.
  9. Page Selection – Take action on the selected page.

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