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May 07
5 Considerations When Using Hub Sites with Modern SharePoint UI

  1. Site Collection Associations: Since Hub Site associations are at the Site Collection Level you should consider creating new Site Collections for most new sites. This will allow the greatest flexibility to grow and adapt with your business. If your business were to ever go through a reorganization you would not need to migrate data, or have anyone update their bookmarks, all you would have to do is associate the Site Collection to a new Hub Site and you are done.


  2. Use the Content Type Hub: I detailed using the Content Type Hub in a previous post and mentioned its importance in the Modern UI as everything in the O365 SharePoint is moving to Site Collections. To give users the most control of what data rolls up when configuring web parts it is imperative that all of the content in your O365 is using the same metadata to ensure rollups function appropriately.

  3. Themes, Navigation, and Logos: After you associate a site to a Hub it will have the same Theme, Navigation, and Site Logo as the Hub Site. This way all sites belong to the same Hub will have a consistent user experience. Additionally, if you have built out an intranet and have a homepage I would also suggest adding a homepage link as the first link all of your Hub Sites to maintain a cohesive experience across all sites.


  4. Get Familiar with PowerShell: At the time of writing this the only way to manage Hub site sis through the use of the SharePoint Online Management Shell. While I could spend the rest of this blog detailing out the cmdlets, Microsoft has already provided the great documentation on them all:

    PSA: If you haven’t checked out the new for SharePoint I would strongly recommend bookmarking the site:

  5. Take advantage of Hub Site associations: While one of the selling points of using a Hub Site is to aggregate all content from the associated sites into the Hub, the associated sites can also take advantage of this functionality and aggregate data from their ‘Sibling’ sites. This feature can come in handy to always ensure all sites in the same hub are always showing the same calendar, so no one misses that important meeting.


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