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Brailsford & Dunlavey

OBJECTIVE: Brailsford & Dunlavey, a national program management firm, wished to update their SharePoint 2010 Intranet to refresh an out-of-the-box design and to improve usability and collaboration.  Their existing Intranet lacked a clear governance structure, effective information architecture and mobile accessibility. With nearly 70,000 documents and more than 8,000 list items on their Intranet, and another 200,000 on their client portal, they needed a way to make Intranet content significantly more accessible to their employees across several national offices.

“Originally, our Intranet was an afterthought and a ‘quick build’ rather than a carefully configured platform,” Bart Hall, Director of Research and Methods at Brailsford & Dunlavey explained. “We needed to improve the usability of the site beyond the out-of-the-box functionalities, revamp the design to incorporate our visual brand, and make the site accessible on mobile platforms because our team is always on the go.

SOLUTION: Brailsford & Dunlavey turned to Protiviti to assist with replacing their existing Intranet, with the vision that it could serve as a central hub and internal resource to connect employees across the firm.  The redeveloped and redesigned intranet, known as ‘The Catalyst,’ was implemented with responsive design to encourage their highly mobile workforce to access the site from anywhere. The Intranet’s new, intuitive design reflects the look and feel of B&D’s public facing website, and the refreshed information architecture has provided a clear path to find important information. 

A governance committee was put in place to engage the organization and increase user adoption of their new Intranet site. “We discovered a need for a governance and a strong user adoption plan during the project to engage our power users. They really have appreciated the impact and improved efficiency of having a governance plan in place. The power users are now taking ownership of their sites and updating information, adding content, and uploading pictures regularly,” Hall said.

RESULTS: The Catalyst has received a lot of great feedback so far from the organization. “We’ve had people say ‘We use this everyday now! When are we going to do this with our Extranet?’” Hall said.  “Our group was so surprised by the visual and functional evolution. The information and content is so much more accessible and much easier to navigate. Our team feels like they have some power now and are starting to appreciate the infrastructure functionality, not just the new design.”

WHY PROTIVITI: Brailsford & Dunlavey met the Protiviti team and learned about the SharePoint platform while attending a technology conference in Washington, DC. “One word that comes to mind with working with the Protiviti team is ‘responsive’,” Hall said. “It doesn’t matter what my question was, I always knew I could call and get an answer. Being Project Managers ourselves, we really appreciate the responsiveness and their constant willingness to help.”

ABOUT BRAILSFORD & DUNLAVEY: Brailsford & Dunlavey is a program management firm with comprehensive in-house planning capabilities. The firm’s purpose is to inspire and empower organizations to maximize the value of investments that advance communities.  B&D takes an idea, makes it a viable project, and manages it through ribbon cutting and into operation. B&D’s in-house planning services, including capital and operating financial analysis, market research, economic impact analysis, and programming, enable the firm to provide a level of insight and risk management far beyond what other program management firms can offer. B&D is a minority-owned business with offices and clientele throughout the United States.

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