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An Investment Banking Company needed a way to organize and search the countless photos of employees from internal events and photos of employees with their customers at networking events. The client needed to be able to quickly locate photos, stored in several different SharePoint folders, of specific people for use in proposals or other communications as it was often difficult and time consuming to search through photos to find a specific person. In addition, they also wanted to use the photos in analysis of interactions between their customers to better facilitate networking.


Protiviti’s On-Demand Support team created a Facial Recognition Application that uses the Microsoft Cognitive Services Face API to learn the faces of employees and many customers from professional headshot photos. The application scans the libraries of photos from employee and networking events then finds and tags the faces that it recognizes and identifies. A standard SharePoint search surfaces the names and companies of the identified people. The photos that display in the search results show a square around the identified faces. By hovering over the square, users can see basic information about that person with a link to their profile for more details.


As a result of this new Facial Recognition Application, locating people in photos on the site is significantly easier. The client can now search for the name of a person and instantly see pictures of them at various events. Users can also click on a person in a photo and see all of the photos of that person allowing them to make connections between different employees and customers.
The client is extremely happy with the innovative and forward-thinking solution. Photos are now more accessible and easy to find. Additional features are currently slated for a Phase 2.  These items include adding the ability to add people to a photo that the automated system didn’t recognize.

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