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National Healthcare Provider


A national healthcare provider needed to simplify and improve their current business process automations that were causing errors and inefficiency across several business units. The complex, time-consuming process made the technical functionality difficult for administrators to manage, added unnecessary repetition, and eventually, caused errors within the two unrelated approval processes.


Protiviti’s On-Demand team worked with the client’s workflow developer to assess the current process and determine what the issues were and what areas could be improved. The team then developed new, user-friendly forms using Nintex forms to streamline the data collection process. New Nintex workflows were developed to streamline the review and approval process, eliminating the previous errors and enhancing visibility into the process. The team also developed visual dashboards to help with oversight of the process. And, a migration process was implemented to easily manage the large SharePoint list size and store older items in the list.


As a result, the new workflow and form dramatically improved the overall experience for both users submitting the requests as well as the team administering the process. Enhanced visibility into the process allowed the administration team to better track requests as well as provided their analytics team with better information for making decisions. This process has since being replicated by other groups within the company.
The client has continued to praise Protiviti’s On-Demand team with the “fresh” take on the process, their ability to adapt to a variety of requests and the timely responses.

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