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OBJECTIVE: After upgrading their intranet to SharePoint 2010 using the Database Attach Method, Northern Health
needed to update many outdated documents and improve their inconsistent intranet design.  “We conducted an internal analysis and results showed that our documentation and content was old and stale and our design was very inconsistent,” Bill McCloskey explained. “No one knew where anything was.”

In addition, Northern Health needed a support network to assist them with many longstanding issues.  “We needed an accessible support service that provided us with a knowledgeable resource to call when we needed assistance,” McCloskey said.

SOLUTION: Northern Health looked to Protiviti to improve their SharePoint 2010 intranet’s user experience restoring the information architecture, design and functionality.   

Protiviti’s SharePoint on Call team performed an Architecture Audit to identify environmental issues. “The Architecture Audit identified many longstanding issues we’d been having. Our Account Manager was able to provide great recommendations and spoke to us in a way we could understand."

RESULTS: As a result of the Server Audit, Protiviti’s SharePoint on Call team was able to detect many issues within Northern Health’s environment to improve their site’s functionality. 

While Northern Health’s SharePoint 2010 Intranet Project is scheduled to launch later this year, their site has been receiving great feedback. “The project team has liked what they’ve seen so far.  Protiviti has made the design very consistent allowing our employees to find important documents easier.”

WHY PROTIVITI:  Protiviti’s credibility is very high,” McCloskey said.  “The support ticketing process is very streamlined and transparent and their team is very easy to work with.  They are great at what they do. We are very happy with their services.”

ABOUT NORTHERN HEALTH: Northern Health provides health services to 300,000 people over an area of 600,000 square kilometers in the province of British Columbia, Canada.

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