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Training FAQs

​What is SharePoint User Adoption and why is it important to my organization?

SharePoint User Adoption describes the extent to which employees of an organization actually make use of, and receive value from, SharePoint.  It is critically important to your organization because effective adoption increases the return on the significant investment made in SharePoint.


We have a group of employees who need SharePoint training.  Do you offer on-site or remote private training?

Yes, we offer Private training, both onsite and virtually to help organizations effectively use SharePoint. Whether you are interested in end user training for a group of employees or a more advanced SharePoint specialty course, we have experienced consultants that can provide your team with the necessary expertise.


Do you offer a service that could train our staff to train future employees?

Our Train the Trainer program is designed specifically for this.  We can train one or several of your trainers to help get new employees up to speed on your existing SharePoint environment. Our Train the Trainer program most commonly covers SharePoint Power User and End User curriculum and offers the opportunity to license the curriculum to train future hires.  To learn more about the Train the Trainer program click here.


Can we license your curriculum?

We license our proprietary curriculum to organizations with internal trainers or training departments.  In addition to licensing our curriculum we frequently customize the material and labs to an individual Client’s environment, personalizing the experience for their employees. To learn about our licensing program click here.


Do you train on SharePoint partner products?

Yes, we offer partner product training for Nintex Workflow and Forms. We were named Nintex partner of the year for the Americas. To learn more about our extensive Nintex training program click here.


How much of the course is hands on?

All of our full day training courses are hands on and we offer a customized, individual lab environment available to each student.  The courses are a combination of lecture, live demonstrations and student exercises.


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