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SharePoint Business Intelligence Course

Audience Business Users
Duration 2 Days

This course will provide users with the knowledge and skills required to publish Business Intelligence to a SharePoint 2010 and 2013 website. SharePoint includes a host of tools to make this possible and this course will enable users to choose the appropriate tool for the task and leverage that tool to create interactive dashboards and Self-Service BI endpoints. Students will have the opportunity to complete labs that take the data from its source and visualize it in multiple SharePoint destinations including Visio Services, Excel Services, PowerPivot, PerformancePoint and SQL Reporting Services including PowerView.


  • Introduction to Visio Services Data Visualization, Lab
  • Introduction to Excel Services
  • Creating Pivot Charts and Tables in Excel Services, Lab
  • Introduction to PowerPivot for Excel and PowerPivot for SharePoint
  • ​Creating BI in the PowerPivot Gallery, Lab
  • Introduction to PerformancePoint
  • Building PerformancePoint Dashboards from Analytical Data, Lab
  • Introduction to SQL Reporting Services
  • Data Presentation with Power View, Lab
  • Report Builder and Dashboards, Lab

IT Professionals, Information Workers and Business Analysts interested in publishing Business Intelligence to SharePoint to create and share meaningful and actionable insights into your data.

Successful students should meet the following prerequisites to gain the most from this course:

  • Intermediate experience with Microsoft Office Excel 2010 or 2013 including familiarity with Pivot tools
  • Basic familiarity with Microsoft Visio 2010 or 2013 (preferred)
  • Familiarity with SharePoint 2010 or 2013 from an end user perspective including content authoring and adding web parts to pages to display content.
  • Good understanding of relational data concepts

  • SharePoint Visio Services, Visio Data Visualization
  • SharePoint Excel Services, Publishing Pivot Charts and Pivot Tables to SharePoint
  • PowerPivot for Excel, PowerPivot for SharePoint
  • SharePoint PerformancePoint Interactive Dashboards
  • SQL Server Reporting Services (Power View, Report Builder)
  • Business Intelligence presentation concepts

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