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Nintex Week

Audience Business Users
Duration 4 Days

As the 2015 Nintex Partner of the Year for Business Excellence, Protiviti is uniquely qualified to offer Nintex Week, a four day event dedicated to helping you take full advantage of the world’s leading Workflow and Forms solution for SharePoint! This event consists of three courses taking place over four days, allowing beginners as well as experienced Nintex users to benefit from the curriculum, the interactive labs and the instructor's experience.  Each student will have access to an individual lab environment to put the learning to practical use!  Click here to register now!​

  • Dates: Monday, February 29, 2016 - Thursday, March 3, 2016
  • Daily Schedule:  9:30AM – 4:00PM (CT) 
  • Location:  101 North Wacker Drive Suite 1400 Chicago, IL 60606 (students can also attend remotely via web meeting)
  • Computers: For those attending onsite please remember to bring your laptops and chargers as they are not provided.  The VM is designed for computers running Windows, or running a Windows emulator.
  • Nintex Workflow (click here for more information) - $995.00
  • Advanced Nintex Workflow (click here for more information) - $499.00
  • Nintex Forms (click here for more information) - $499.00
Each course can be standalone or combined. 


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Nintex Workflow 2013

Lesson 1 –Installation and Configuration
  • Lab 1-1 Examine the Nintex Workflow Configuration Settings -Farm and Site Collection Level
Lesson 2 – Workflow Design Basics
  • Lab 2-1 Create an Approval Workflow – Featured Actions
  • Lab 2-2 Create an Approval Workflow – Steps
  • Lab 2-3 Circulate a Document for Comments – Featured Actions
  • Lab 2-4 – Circulate a Document for Comments - Steps
Lesson 3 – Workflow Actions
  • Lab 3-1 Implement A Lazy Approval Workflow - Steps
  • Lab 3-2 Build a Site Workflow to Provision new Sites – Featured Actions
  • Lab 3-3 Build a Site Workflow to Provision new Sites – Steps
  • Lab 3-4 – Schedule a Site Worklfow
Lesson 4 – Trouble Shooting
  • Lab 4-1 Trouble Shooting an Existing Workflow
Lesson 5 – Creating a Document from a Template
  • Lab 5 Create and Approve a Document
  • Lab 5-1 Create  a Document from a Template
Lesson 6 – Using Action Sets and Updating a Document
  • Lab 6-1 Re-Use Actions and Update a Document
Lesson 7 – Approving a Document with a State Machine
  • Lab 7-1 Approve a Document with a State Machine
Lesson 8 – Workflow Design and Implementation
  • Lab 8-1 Implement a Site Workflow that Merges Two Lists into One List

Nintex Advanced Workflow 2013
Lesson 1 – Nintex Workflow 2013 Overview

Lesson 2 – Workflow Constants/User Defined Actions
  • Lab 2-1 - Create Workflows using constants and User Defined Actions
Lesson 3 – Integrating with Databases
  • Lab 3-1 – Create a Workflow that Connects to a Database
Lesson 4 – Integrating with Web Services
  • Lab 4-1 –Stock Transactions using a Web Request Action
Lesson 5 – Workflows that Cross Site Collections
  • Lab 5-1 – Send Document to Archival Site Collection
Lesson 6 – Start a Workflow from a Workflow
  • Lab 6-1 – Create Workflow actions within an existing workflow
Lesson 7 – Workflow Design and Implementation
  • Lab 7-1 Implement a Site Workflow using a Nested Loop

Nintex Forms 2013
Lesson 1 – Nintex Forms 2013 Overview
Lesson 2 – Creating List/Library Forms
  • Lab 2-1 – Create a List Form
Lesson 3 – Creating Workflow Forms
  • Lab 3-1 – Create a Workflow Task Form
  • Lab 3-2 – Create a Site Workflow Start Form​
Lesson 4 – Nintex Live
  • Lab 4-1 Create and Publish a Nintex Live Form
Lesson 5 – Connect a Form to External Data
  • Lab 5-1 Connect a Form to Lists and External Data
Lesson 6 – Styling
  • Lab 6-1 – Styling a Nintex Form
Lesson 7 –Using JQuery in a Form
  • Lab 7-1- Using JQuery in a Form
Lesson 8- Using Tabs in a Form
  • Lab 8-1-using Tabs in a Form
Lesson 9 – Workflow Design and implementation
  • Lab 9-1 Implement a Site Workflow that Adds the Request Information to a List

Nintex Week is for business and technical SharePoint users that want to build workflows and forms without relying on custom application code.

  • Nintex Workflow is a two day course designed for beginners and individuals with limited Nintex experience.
  • Advanced Nintex Workflow is designed for experienced Nintex users.
  • Nintex Forms is designed for beginners and individuals with limited Nintex Forms experience.
​This event is designed to allow beginners as well as advanced users to benefit from the curriculum.


 Dates and Locations


 Instructed By

  • Tim Hare

    Tim Hare

    Developer, SharePoint Trainer
    Tim is an account and product manager within Protiviti’s SharePoint consulting team.  He supports a variety of Enterprise SharePoint implementations.  He also manages the development and maintenance of Protiviti SharePoint products as well as providing support for those products and other third-party partner products.

    Tim has eleven years of IT experience many of which were spent working for a non-profit association that catered to the financial industry.  Tim’s certifications include Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST), and Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist (MCTS).

    His background of customer service allows him to effectively understand the business needs of his clients. Along with his technical knowledge, this experience allows him to provide customized, composite SharePoint solutions.

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