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SharePoint 2013 Responsive Design Webinar

Audience Designers
Duration 3 Hours

Learn how to use one design to render your SharePoint 2013 site for mobile, desktop & tablets!

Learn the fundamentals of 'responsive' web design and how applying these techniques can improve the overall user experience of your SharePoint 2013 site across multiple browsers and devices. In this webinar, Kyle Schaeffer, an industry expert in SharePoint Design and UX, will introduce the concept of 'responsive' web design and learn how to apply it, to your SharePoint site using the amazing power of CSS media queries and jQuery.

​​​*Recordings of webinars can be available for purchase, please contact us​ for more information.​​​

In this 3-hour webinar, you will:

  • Learn what 'responsive' design is

  • See examples of a site using 'responsive' design

  • Learn about CSS media queries

  • Learn how you can apply this approach to your SharePoint 2013 site


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