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SharePoint 2010 Business User Webinar

Audience Business Users
Duration 3 Hours

Designed for SharePoint users with minimal experience using the platform, this webinar will focus specifically on Business users responsible for authoring and editing content.  The webinar will teach attendees how to create lists and document libraries and configure each of them to take advantage of SharePoint features such as version control and alerts. With that basis, the focus will shift to best practices in applying metadata (descriptive terms that characterize the data or document) so that the powerful SharePoint search tool is optimized. Each attendee will leave the webinar with a strong understanding of the basics of SharePoint: Lists, Libraries, Metadata and Search and therefore be much better equipped to productively use Sharepoint within their organization.

​​​*Recordings of webinars can be available for purchase, please contact us​ for more information.​​​​​​​

  • Introduction to SharePoint 2010
  • SharePoint Navigation
  • SharePoint Lists
  • SharePoint Libraries
  • Sharepoint Content Authoring
  • SharePoint Document Management
  • SharePoint Managed Metadata and Term Store
  • SharePoint Search

  • SharePoint Business Users responsible for authoring and editing content​​

  • The basic architecture of a SharePoint 2010 site.
  • To work with SharePoint lists.
  • To work with Sharepoint Libraries.
  • Work with Discussion Boards, Blogs and Wikis.
  • Personalize the SharePoint 2013 environment.
  • Work with SharePoint 2013 web content authoring and content approval.

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