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SharePoint 2010 Styling & Branding Course

Audience Designers
Duration 4 Days

Learn to transform the SharePoint user experience with hands-on training.

Want to learn how to advanced techniques, tips and tricks used by the industry’s leading SharePoint UX developers to create a SharePoint 2010 site experience that can rival any Open Source site?

In the highly interactive and hands-on SharePoint 2010 Styling and Branding course, Kyle Schaeffer, an industry leading UX developer, will reveal advanced techniques, tips and tricks to a create a SharePoint 2010 experience that will rival any open source site!  

Hands-on Labs

Students are required to bring their own laptop to class with a current version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome installed. Each student will be provided a dedicated virtual lab environment hosted in the cloud. Installation of the CloudShare plugin will be required. To ensure your computer is compatible and to pre-install the add-on visit​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


  • Kyle is a great instructor, very thorough and knowledgeable.  He organized the class well and gave just the right amount of time for breaks and lab.”

  • "I really liked, really useful as well as going through the details of how to tweak the css code."

  • "This course has given me enough knowledge to begin to learn how to do that so I am better prepared once we enter that phase of development.  I VERY much appreciate the  SP Blueprint files!!  Having already messed around a little with the CSS in SharePoint I recognize the value of these files...they will save me many headaches and time!​"

  • Creating Custom Master Pages & Style Sheets; Styling ribbon, lists, web parts
  • Design Implementation Strategy and Structure, Theme Creation
  • Working with Layouts, Styling SharePoint Components (Blogs, Wikis, MySites,Discussion Boards)
  • Enhancing the User Experience with JQuery and other Advanced Techniques


  • ​BasicUnderstanding of SharePoint Master Pages
  • Basic Understanding of CSS, HTML and JavaScript
  • Basic Understanding of Working with Content Placeholders.
  • ​Design and implementation strategy
  • Creating and using SharePoint themes
  • Working with fixed and variable width layouts
  • Customizing content – blogs, wikis, search, discussion, etc.
  • Using JQuery for the UX

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