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SharePoint 2013 Styling, Branding & Responsive Design Course

Audience Designers
Duration 2 Days

Learn SharePoint Design from a SharePoint MVP!

In this highly interactive and hands-on course, students will learn to style and brand the SharePoint 2013 platform using traditional web design and development techniques.  See examples and practical demonstrations showing you the tips, tricks, and techniques that you’ll need to create a unique SharePoint user experience.  Try your hand at SharePoint customization in your own dedicated SharePoint 2013 lab environment, where designers with years of experience will walk you through the process of styling SharePoint for desktops/ laptops and all mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones.

Recent Attendee Feedback

​"The instructor did an excellent job of explaining how to apply customized styles to a SharePoint site and detailing the differences between a publishing site and a collaboration site.  My organization is in the planning stages of developing a SharePoint intranet where they will want a customized look and feel.  This course has given me enough knowledge to begin to learn how to do that so I am better prepared once we enter that phase of development.  I VERY much appreciate the  SP Blueprint files!!  Having already messed around a little with the CSS in SharePoint I recognize the value of these files...they will save me many headaches and time!"

Erin Napier, Colorado State University​​​​​​​​​​​


  • Introduction to SharePoint styling & branding
  • SharePoint 2013 customization techniques
  • Design implementation strategy
  • Master pages and page layouts
  • Customizing SharePoint 2013 using style sheets
  • Styling and branding SharePoint content: sites, pages, lists, libraries and web parts

Designers, Developers


  • End-user familiarity with SharePoint content (sites, pages, lists, libraries)
  •  A basic understanding of HTML and CSS

  • How to use the SharePoint 2013 Design Manager
  • How to choose, edit, and create composed looks
  • How to work with master pages
  • How to import and configure HTML design templates into SharePoint 2013
  • How to create page layouts
  • How to import and use a responsive starter template

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