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SharePoint 2013 Power User Course

Audience Business Users
Duration 2 Days

Designed for SharePoint Site Owners, Content Authors and Content Editors, this three day course provides the basis for business users to understand and apply the benefits of SharePoint 2013.  Packed with interactive labs that help provide relevant experience, the focus of this training is on achieving new learning that can be immediately applied within your SharePoint site(s). 

In addition to the labs, we also provide testing at the beginning and end of the course that allows each student to specifically benchmark their progress.

As a result of this training, business users will be able to take control of an entire SharePoint 2013 site and help colleagues to more effectively leverage the solutions.​​​​

"I finally got the whole picture about SharePoint funcionality and how to use it in my work environment.  Well illustrated. thanks!" February 27, 2014

 "I liked how everything was gone through step-by-step and then additional information was given on how to apply certain things in our own environments.​" February 27, 2014​
Introduction to SharePoint 2013
  • Architecture
  • Navigation
SharePoint Apps
  • App List Templates
  • Common Library
SharePoint Lists
  • Content Types
  • Standard List Column Data Types
  • List Ribbon and List Item Ribbon
SharePoint Libraries
  • Creating Library Items
  • Editing Library items
Document Management
  • Managed Metadata (Taxonomy)
  • Document IDs
  • Rule Based Submissions
Discussion Boards
  • Wiki Page Libraries
  • Blog Sites
Personalizing SharePoint
  • List Views
  • Public Views
  • Private Views
  • Alerts
  • RSS Feeds
  • User Profile Management
  • Social Networking
  • Web Parts
User Profile Management
  • Enterprise Metadata
  • Newsfeed, Skydrive and Sites
Web Parts
  • Media and Content
  • Search Driven Content
  • Social Collaboration
  • Creating and Testing
Web Content Authoring
  • Publishing Sites
  • Editing Web Content
  • Creating Web Content
Site Administrators
  • Creating SharePoint Lists and Libraries
  • Managing Lists and Libraries
  • User Permissions
  • Enterprise Metadata Management
Business Users that want to take ownership of a SharePoint 2013 site and help colleagues to more effectively use SharePoint.

  • The background and basic architecture of a SharePoint 2013 site.
  • How to work with SharePoint Apps.
  • How to work with lists.
  • How to work with libraries.
  • Document Management best practices
  • Discussion Boards, Blogs and Wikis.
  • Personalizing the SharePoint 2013 environment.
  • User Profile Management
  • Web Parts
  • Workflows
  • Web content authoring and content approval.
  • How to perform basic site administration, including permissions management.


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