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SharePoint User Adoption Course

Audience Business Users
Duration 1 Day

This interactive hands-on course gives you the tools you need to leave with an effective user adoption strategy and the beginning of a comprehensive content governance plan for your SharePoint 2010 or 2013 site. This is very much a course where we will produce content and collaborate with one another online and over the phone.   There will be lab time where you’ll be tasked with aspects of your strategy or governance plan preparation, and we’ll reconvene to discuss those documents and work as a collaborative group to improve everyone’s plans and strategy.​​​​​

– Producing and Implementing Your User Adoption Strategy

– Producing and Implementing Your Content Governance Plan

This course is designed for business users tasked with making their SharePoint implementation a success. If you don’t even know where to begin, or maybe you’ve tried dozens of strategies but nothing is working – this course is for you.

  • How to define user adoption and your benchmarks for success
  • How to effectively document your user adoption strategy
  • What tools are most effective for encouraging user adoption
  • How to leverage Office as a secret weapon in user adoption
  • How to leverage social features in SharePoint 2013 to foster adoption
  • How to manage a successful governance committee
  • What to include in a quality governance document
  • How to socialize your governance plan

 Instructed By

  • Maggie Swearingen

    Maggie Swearingen

    Experience Architect, SharePoint Trainer
    Maggie Swearingen has more than 8 years’ experience managing SharePoint projects from the ground up. As an Experience Architect she is responsible for guiding clients through the critical information architecture phase of project implementation. She advises clients with regard to content strategy, overall usability and user experience. 

    Additionally, as a user adoption and governance specialist, she is responsible for assisting clients through the creation and implementation of their governance plans. Maggie works directly with clients, sharing vital information about user adoption best practices and her keen understanding of online user behavior and user engagement methodology.​

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